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Murray Ghost 

Some things are worth sticking around for

Short Content Pilot

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Video Camera

Director's Statement

from writer, producer, director
Brian Herskowitz

Like many people who are part of the baby boomer's generation, I started to think about what's ahead. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic the idea of death both frightened and consumed me. 

The story was less a vehicle for wrestling my demons, as it was a love letter to my two adult daughters. My desire, my fantasy is to be beside them forever, protecting and guiding them beyond the time when I'm no longer present.

The idea of a short content series with episodes that come together to form a full story intrigued me.

And thus, this is the beginning, "the pilot" if you will of Murray's journey. Join him if you will as he tries to protect his family from evil, forms bonds with others in the afterlife, and searches for the answers to his untimely death.

More About Murray Ghost

Brief Synopsis

Murray is just your average older guy, except he's dead. He doesn't know how or why he died, but he has the feeling that something nefarious happened. What's keeping him earthbound? Is it the mysterious woman he saw, or maybe, just maybe it's his two daughters.

Helen Wide.jpg

Helen Slater - Mysterious Woman

Helen Slater's career has encompassed motion pictures, television, music and legitimate stage. Upon graduating from the High School of Performing Arts, her debut film performance opposite Faye Dunaway and Peter O'Toole in "Supergirl" launched her performing career. She went on to star in such films as "The Legend of Billie Jean," "Ruthless People," "The Secret of my Success," "City Slickers," "Sticky Fingers," "Lassie," "No Way Back" and "The Steal," among many others. She currently has a recurring role as Eliza Danvers on the hit CW series, "Supergirl".

Helen cofounded the theatre group The Naked Angels and was a member of the Actor's Movement Studio. She appeared in the off-Broadway plays, "Almost Romance" and "Responsible Parties," and starred in the Pasadena Playhouse's world premiere production of "The Big Day."

A singer and songwriter since her high school days, Helen has released six cds of her original music, and has performed at clubs and benefits in the Los Angles area. She has also written music and lyrics for an urban opera, "The Ugly Duckling," which has been presented in workshop form.


Bailey Herskowitz - Jessie

Bailey is a third-generation actress from Los Angeles who has worked professionally in theater, film, and television. She was most recently in a short, SMILE: The Musical as a dancer and Bucky and the Squirrels as Amber Johnson (voice over).  She recently graduated from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee with a B.F.A  She is now based, back in her roots, in Los Angeles and is pursuing a career in television, film, and comedy.

maggie 3.jpg

Maggie Herskowitz - Lyric

Maggie Herskowitz is an actress, writer, and environmentalist. Selected projects... AS ACTRESS TV: Mysteries at the Museum, "What Do You Stand For?" commercial, Miss Adventure pilot. New York Theater: The Capture of Wendy Darling. Fitzwilliam Loves Lizzy, Under Her Hat!, Lion and Mouse..., Mafia Mayhem, Electra, Lion and Mouse...  Short films: Smile, Dirty Rotten Bastards, Touched, Static. AS WRITER Musicals: Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies, Loch Lomond, The Boy The King and The Flower, Figment. Plays: Fitzwilliam Loves Lizzy, The Maid and the Chorus Are Alive, A Happy Occasion. Computer games: Monster Prom, Monster Camp, Witch of the Wilderness, Black Annis. Also some screenplays. Proud rat mom. Figuring skating coach. Trying her best.

Brian Photo 2020 V 2.jpg

Brian Herskowitz - Murray
(writer, producer, director)

Brian started as an actor and moved into writing producing and directing. He has been a TV writer for shows as diverse as Tour of Duty and Dream On, Blossom to Hercules: The Legendary Journey's. If you listen closely you may have heard Brian's voice in hundreds of movies and TV shows as well as cartoons, games, and national commercial spots. Brian was last seen on stage in the Jason Alexander directed "When You're in Love the Whole World is Jewish" at the Greenway Court Theater.


Leonard Wolf - Composer

Leonard Wolf has a few decades of experience in composing, sound design, music production, gigging live, studio keyboards, and audio engineering. He's won 4 Emmys and many other film and advertising awards.

As a songwriter he has had songs recorded by Vince Gill, Della Reese, Gospel great Shirley Caesar, and others both here and in Europe.

As a professional musician, composer or engineer, Leonard has worked with a wide variety of artists including  Dr. Hook, Don Everly, Garth, Reba, and Donna Summers.

He’s composed music for many commercial entities including CMT, Nascar, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Blue Cross, NC Lottery and many more and was named an Adweek Creative Allstar.


Dale Marks - Producer - Director of Photography

Dale got his start as a freelance commercial photographer and then used his image-making skills to transition into shooting, directing and producing films, commercials and music videos.

He was a full member of the I.A.T.S.E. Studio Mechanics Local 484 for several years, and he has hands-on experience in almost all areas of film production.

Dale created a unique and intensive film/photography lighting seminar that has been hosted by numerous universities, including: UCLA; NYU; the Art Center College Of Design; the Pratt Institute; the Brooks Institute; and Rice University.

He has also invented, designed and engineered products for film equipment manufacturers, with several patents in his name.


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Behind the Scenes


Don't you want to know who helped out? Sure, you do!


    Written & Directed

   Brian Herskowitz

Produced by

Brian Herskowitz


Dale Marks




  Young Man




Director of Photography

Dale Marks


Camera Operator



Gimbal Operator



Motion Control Operator



Motion Playback Operrator






Sound Mixer



Boom Operator



Production Assistants






  Script Supervisor



Key Makeup Artist



Wardrobe Consultant



Illusion Consultant



Stunt Consultant



Assistant Editors




Post Sound Supervisor






Music Mixer



“Stick Around”

  Music by Leonard Wolf

  Lyrics by Maggie Herskowitz

  Performed by Bailey Herskowitz

  Courtesy o f Wolf Music LLC


Special Thanks

  Gina Hecht

  Leah Herskowitz

  Lindsay Hurlic

  James Cahill

  Jackie Mastrangelo

  Mike Oulette

  Ed Seay


Boston University and Boston University in Los Angeles


Film LA 

Deckhand Camera

Castex Rentals

Pasha Poboruev

Odd Fellows Cemetery

Hollywood and Highland

Ikan International

What People are Saying: 

"Charming" - Val Stulman - screenwriter/actress

"Terrific short. Great production quality." - Angela Page - writer/producer

"“Brian has done a superb job of capturing this warm, odd tale of a guy lost between worlds. Beautifully directed. I look forward to more Murray.” - Jason Alexander - actor/director

"This is awesome. I loved it."  - W. Reed Moran - writer

"A visually inviting short form series with a most unlikely hero - a dead guy!   This charming first installment full of whimsy and mystery will hook you for more!" - Deborah Pearl writer/director/producer  


"I am a sucker for after death stories and this one is beautifully directed, filled with visual magic. And Brian Herskowitz has a great face for film, a pleasure to watch." - Daena Title - artist

"I’m impressed. I’m intrigued. I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see more of ‘Murray Ghost’!!" - Phillip Krupp - producer

"Absolutely loved it!  Original.  Beautifully done.  A heartfelt and intriguing psychological mystery.  Can’t wait for the next chapter."  Allan Katz - Writer/Producer/Director 

"Really great and very touching." - George Cohn - business owner

"Fantastic! Loved it!" - Carol Fuchs - writer

"Excellent Story. Left me wanting more. Music was perfect also!" -  William Andre Buchanan - Music & Film Producer - Tech Investor

Stick Around for More v2.jpg

Want More Murray?

Sure you do!

Murray Ghost is poised for a 10 episode per season, three season limited short content series. Adventures will be had, answers will be uncovered, hearts will be broken and mended.

Who is the mysterious woman? Is she a ghost like Murray?

What is the dark presence that's haunting Murray?

What is Murray's true purpose here on earth? 

Can Murray protect his daughters from a lurking evil?

And will Murray ever discover how and why he died?

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